Why choose MasterBlasta property services

Cleaning the exterior of your property will make it look more attractive, increase your pride in ownership of your property, and add thousands of dollars in value.

It can also reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of your most valuable investment! Cleaning the exterior of your property will prevent harmful moss, mould, lichen and other contaminants present in your environment from establishing a foothold on your roof, deck, guttering, or paintwork.

Aside from making your building look unsightly, these contaminants can even permanently damage the surface of your property, requiring more frequent repainting, drain unblocking, or even costly repairs.

These reasons to use MasterBlasta Property Services regularly apply just as readily to your investment properties as to your own residence.

We are the right choice for residential AND commercial building cleaning throughout the entire Auckland region.

Your satisfaction is not just our focus, it is our guarantee. All work is carried out according to best and safe work practices. Your Buildings are safe. Your pets and garden are safe. The environment is safe. Our operators are safe - they are fully trained and competent in the safe operation and application of our equipment and services.

Our cleaning techniques are adapted to each individual job specification to ensure the target areas are cleaned efficiently, and yet gently, without damage to delicate surfaces.

Contact Master Blasta Property services for a free quote and prepare to be delighted by our friendly customer service and personal accountability towards customer satisfaction.

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